As a business leader you are continually striving to be the best of the best and you are constantly on the look out for the best people. Don’t leave recruitment to chance.SWEDINCO’s service is to ensure that your business recruits only the highest quality candidates, in East Africa.

At Swedinco we help you to accurately predict whether a candidate is a good fit for your business. We help you identify the behavioral requirements of the job you are recruiting for and match this with the right candidates giving your recruitment decision a greater level of certainty. We also help you to measure the (fit) of a candidate and tell you whether a new hire is likely to perform in your organization and help you avoid unnecessary recruitment costs(caused by attrition) and boosts business performance.

Our strength in this field lies in our ability to demonstrate transparency and objectivity in our recruitment process which we do by assessing the key behaviors, learning the cultures of our client’s organization, aptitudes and abilities for the role followed by an in-depth interview. The right hiring decision can have huge impact on the performance of your team, function or line of business. Get it wrong and you are looking at a cost about 2.5 times the individual salary and disruption of your business and your teams can be considerable.

Swedinco will help you add certainty to your recruitment and selection decisions. We help you benchmark the successful behaviors and the abilities of the role of recruits and help you identify the candidates with the ideal fit which means your recruitment process will be quicker and your selection decisions clearer

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