Invest in Africa with SWEDINCO

Swedinco is an international consultancy company that serves companies who want to invest in Africa and do business in the East Africa Region while helping domestic Companies to develop their businesses.

Our experience and expertise will enable your company to have a jump start that will ensure you integrate well into the Kenyan and East African regional market.

Scope of Work.

Eastern Africa RegionSWEDINCO is a company incorporated in Kenya. At Swedinco we combine both Kenyan and international experience to come up with the finest blend of expertise. Whether your business is exporting direct into the African market or you've chosen to work through an agent or establish your own company, you will need a successful start in the market.

Swedinco has the experience and networks that makes your entrance into the market safe and cost effective.

In our network of partners you also find Audit firm to take care of taxation matters and ensure compliance, Law firm that takes care of all legal matters, Real estate agents who help you to get the right accomodation and an office in the right location. Alongside this we will provide temporary workstation complete with all office requirements until you are settled in your new office.

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