About Us

Many African countries have a strong potential for development and have over a long period of years had a stable growth of 5-10% in GNP. East Africa region (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda) are among these countries, which make them very interesting for cooperation with European companies. A stable political environment plus the government efforts to embrace full democracy makes them still more interesting for long-term relationship.


We believe in the development of the East African Region and want to be actively  involved in the development by being a company with strong Corporate Social Responsibility in the market.


Many European companies have the wrong picture of Africa as a continent with a lot of problems. News from Africa is dominated mostly by reports of hunger and starvation, criminality and corruption, political instability, etc. The reality is quite different. Many countries have reliable political situation and stable economic growth, which makes them interesting for an increase exports and long-term investments.

Our mission is to inform European companies of the business opportunities in the East African Region and help them overcome all obstacles’ for an increasing export to the area and other kind of investments.

We also do assist Kenyan companies in best practice methods for improving their  businesses.

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